Fresh Ingredients Make the Difference

How much of a difference do fresh ingredients make for Willy’s Salsa? One taste should be more than enough for you to notice the difference—at least, it was for Willy’s Salsa founder Dennis Dickey. In fact, tasting a bland, boiled national brand salsa is what inspired Dennis to take the leap and start selling his own fresh salsa!

At Willy’s Salsa, we use fresh ingredients—tomato, real cilantro, onions and more—to make our salsa. These ingredients are never cooked before they arrive on store shelves, like so many national brands are. And this makes a big difference. The use of fresh, natural ingredients affects everything from the flavor to the texture of the salsa, creating an addictive, enjoyable taste that goes perfectly with any event.

We strive to give our salsa the same fresh taste as if you had picked all the ingredients from your own garden and put them directly into a blender. By making our salsa in smaller batches, we can ensure that each batch has the same high quality and taste that stands out from bland, cooked salsas. Try Willy’s Salsa today to taste for yourself how fresh ingredients make all the difference!