The Beginning of Willy’s Salsa

The story of how Dennis got involved in making salsa is probably a little different than what you’d expect! It was actually a friend that first got Dennis interested in making his own salsa. Dennis sold swimming pools, but had a friend that would always make salsa for parties and get-togethers. Dennis asked for the recipe and started using it as a basis for making his own unique, healthy salsas.

While the flavor of Dennis’s salsa was a hit with his friends (who even told him he needed to sell it), he didn’t think his salsa was good enough to sell. But one day, one of Dennis’s co-workers brought in a jar of a national salsa brand to share with the office. Dennis took one taste and immediately thought that there was something wrong. In fact, he thought the salsa had been spoiled! When his co-worker assured him that this was how the store-bought salsa was supposed to taste, Dennis knew he needed to try selling his own fresh, flavorful salsa.

You know what happened after that. Dennis quit his job and founded Willy’s Salsa to provide people with fresh (not boiled) salsa, and more and more people started tasting the difference. Now available in 15 states, you can bet the future is bright for Willy’s Salsa!