About Us

Willy’s Famous Fresh Salsa began in the smallest of ways: with founder, Dennis Dickey making it for family and friends.  After years of people encouraging him to make it available to the public, Dennis finally decided to do it.  He named his salsa and produced it for everyone’s enjoyment.

Dennis began by making it in his kitchen, but soon moved on to the Center for Innovative Food Technologies (CIFT) in Bowling Green, Ohio.  He had the goal of producing a salsa sauce that was irresistible and would make people say, “Have you tried Willy’s Salsa yet?” 

That dream quickly became a reality, with seven flavors from Willy’s Original Recipe to Black Bean and Corn, and more.  There’s a flavor for everyone to enjoy. 

Willy’s has now been producing the best-tasting, healthiest, high-quality fresh salsa on the market for more than 14 years.  It’s so popular that it’s available in over 8,800 grocery stores in 50 states plus the District of Columbia!  It’s so popular that people visiting Ohio have asked when Willy’s Salsa will be available in their state.

Well, good news!  Willy’s is ready to go nation-wide to provide a nutritious, wholesome product not just to the Toledo area, but to the entire country.

Willy’s Salsa outgrew the facilities at CIFT and has moved to a new production facility with over 12,000 square feet of refrigerated storage and automated production equipment. 

Our commitment is to maintain the safety and quality of our product in accordance with certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), including SQF, BRC, or AIB.


Willy’s Salsa seeks to achieve exceptional levels of customer satisfaction by:

  • Providing a fresh product in a clean, approved facility staffed by qualified food service professionals.
  • Employing local workers, thereby boosting the local economy, and supporting local organizations and schools.
  • Providing products of superior value and quality that best meets the need for our customers.
  • Promising to fulfill every commitment made to a customer.
  • Building a high level of quality and performance into everything we do so that we will gain the respect of our customers.
  • Partnering with food distributors and brokers to ensure prompt, fresh deliveries.

Willy’s is committed to giving each customer excellent products that encourage loyalty.  This high standard has built Willy’s from a dream to supplying stores in 50 states and made it one of the most promising wholesale providers of quality salsa in the nation.