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Try it once and you'll be Hooked!!!

Willy's Original Recipe

Original Recipe is the most popular Refrigerated Salsa and it's produced in Northwestern Ohio. Comes in Hot, Medium or Mild. Try it just once and you'll be hooked! It's an addiction you can live with and it's legal!

Sweet & Spicy Salsa™

Willy's Special Sweet Salsa™ is a Sweet Refrigerated Salsa and it comes in Medium Sweet & Spicy and Mild Sweet & a Smidgeon Spicy. Try it just once and you'll see why it is sweeping the sweet salsa market!

"Just Peachy Salsa™"

Willy's "Just Peachy Salsa™" is our newest creation and has an amazing fresh Georgia Peach taste. It is fantastic and is flying off store shelves! It's not mixed with other fruits or a vinegar base.

"Holy Frijoles" Black Bean & Corn™

Willy's "Holy Frijoles" Black Bean & Corn Salsa™" is another one of our newest creations and has the same amazing fresh taste as our Original Recipe with the perfect blend of Black Beans & Corn. It's amazing and a must try.

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